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The London Time Tour Bus

The London Time Tour Bus

Board the bus at 8 Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square. Our stop is outside the Grand Hotel and opposite the Sherlock Holmes Pub. This London bus tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (depending on traffic), and you will be dropped off again at our stop at 8 Northumberland Avenue.

(Fun fact: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle actually based the character of Sherlock Holmes on Professor Quantum, the two having met during the spring of 1886).

The London bus tours takes you to all of London’s famous sites, including:

– The Houses of Parliament
– Westminster Abbey
– Downing Street
– St. Paul’s Cathedral
– The Tower of London
– Tower Bridge
– London Bridge

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Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds and Warwick Castle Tour with Free SUBWAY Lunch

Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds and Warwick Castle Tour with Free SUBWAY Lunch


Windsor Castle

First stop on this awesome tour is the lavish Windsor Castle. Take a short walk through the quaint town of Windsor and approach Her Majesty the Queen’s favourite weekend residence! A royal home for over 900 years, this sprawling castle is spectacular and steeped in history.

The State Apartments are a sight to behold. Filled with ornate weaponry and priceless works of art, including pieces by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, the audio guide tells you all you need to know about each lavishly decorated room. Visit Queen Mary’s intricate doll’s house, which features tiny silverware, a miniscule working kitchen and a mini version of the Crown Jewels! St George’s Chapel is the final resting place of the Queen Mother, as well as Henry VIII and his most-loved wife Jane Seymour.


Continue your picturesque journey to the mystical Stonehenge. These mysterious rocks have stood on Salisbury Plain for over 5,000 years; some say we will never know for sure what they stand for. Perhaps this is an astronomical clock? Maybe it was a religious temple. Whatever you decide, nothing can compare to the feeling of standing in front of such an ancient monument.

Free SUBWAY Lunch – More Sightseeing Time

To save you time, money and the struggle of finding somewhere to eat, our tour also includes a totally tasty SUBWAY lunch! Avoid wasting time waiting for a meal in a restaurant and tuck into a six inch cheese and salad sub on the go, including crisps, chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of water. It means you can make the most of each stop and won’t waste valuable exploring time.


A breathtaking city, Bath was the first city in England to become a UNESCO World Heritage site. Filled with exquisite Roman and Georgian architecture and featuring natural hot springs that were once popular for public bathing, see the 15th century Bath Abbey and explore the amazing independent shops and quaint cafes.

Roman Baths

You can’t have a soak in them anymore, but the Roman Baths are still a charming historic attraction and gave the city its name – proof that the Baths are definitely worth seeing! You will also visit the Pump Room and have the opportunity to sip Bath’s waters in this enchanting neo-classical salon.

Estimated arrival time back in London is approximately 20:00

Free Walking Tour

The perfect addition to exploring the UK is a free London walking tour. Fun, informative and a great way to see the city, get up close and personal with a number of famous London hotspots. Get inside information about the Royal family’s favourite London haunts or discover where iconic band The Beatles made music and let their hair down. Your free walking tour can be taken at any time during your stay.

Choose from:

The Royal Walking Tour

The Beatles London Walking Tour

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