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The Monument + London Eye

The Monument + London Eye

London Eye

At 450ft high, the London Eye is the world’s highest observation wheel. 32 Capsules, each carrying 25 guests, take you on a 30 minute journey through the most spectacular views of, over and around London spanning 25 miles in all directions.
Combine your experience with the London Eye River Cruise Experience, a 40-minute sightseeing circular cruise on the River Thames, passing the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

London Eye 4D Experience

The London Eye 4D Experience is a groundbreaking 3D film with in theatre effects, such as wind, bubbles and mist, to make the 4D. The film itself is a touching story of a little girl in London with her father. Her view of famous London landmarks is obscured by people and traffic, but a seagull draws her attention to the London Eye and her father takes her for an experience; finally she has an amazing view of the city. Colourful parties inside the capsule, time lapse of the London Eye day and night and a spectacular firework display all add up to an emotional and entertaining experience; the perfect prelude to an experience on he London Eye itself.

Please remember that the boarding procedure for the London Eye takes 30 minutes so you will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your reserved time. Please take this into consideration when choosing your time.

We have timed allocations for every day of the year. You book online direct from our allocations and your booking is therefore immediately confirmed subject only to the authorisation of your credit card charge. If no suitable time is available, you will be given the option of a request booking which will be fulfilled as soon as we are able to get additional space – for which we check with London Eye Administration on a daily basis. The confirmed time of your request booking will be printed on your voucher together with details of how to get to the London Eye. You will need to exchange your voucher and join the boarding procedure at least 30 minutes before your confirmed time.

For a different perspective visit at sunset and see the city lights come on and the skyline awash with vibrant colours.

Unaccompanied children are not permitted to board the London Eye. Any booking made for an unaccompanied child will be taken as confirmation that the child will be joining a party under the supervision of an adult aged 18 years or older. 365 Tickets will not be held responsible if a child is turned away at the London Eye, nor will the ticket be refundable!

Safety and security is our number one priority. For your safety and convenience, please read the following information on what items can and can not be taken on to the London Eye. Please be aware that all guests are subject to a security search when boarding the London Eye.

Please note that the following items CAN be taken on board the London Eye:
• briefcases
• laptops
• small day size rucksacks and bags (maximum size 18″ x 13″ x 8″ or 46cm x 33cm x 20cm)
• baby bags

The following items CANNOT be taken on board the London Eye;
• large bags/suitcases or rucksacks
• motorcycle helmets
• skateboards and rollerblades
• tripods (unless agreed in advance with the London Eye)
• baby buggies*
• prohibited items**

If you are unsure .
* Baby buggies can be left at our ‘Buggy’ area facility in the ticket hall, although only for the duration of the experience.
** Prohibited items include sharp objects or anything which may be considered a security risk including penknives, scissors, metal nail files, toy or replica guns. If such objects are found or declared they will be checked in and returned to you after your experience providing the item is legal in the UK.

Terms and conditions
1. Confiscated objects are left entirely at the owner’s risk at all times.
2. The Coca-Cola London Eye accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any objects left with The Coca-Cola London Eye.
3. The Coca-Cola London Eye is entitled to refuse to store any visitor’s objects at its sole discretion whether for public safety reasons or any other reason.



The Monument

NOTE: Children of 13 years or younger must be accompanied by an Adult in order to climb the Monument.

Please note that in order to preserve the Monument’s original structure, visitors with large bags are requested to leave these at the base of the staircase.

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The Blood & Tears Walk

The Blood & Tears Walk

This award-winning Horror London walk by qualified researcher and former professional actor Declan McHugh is now in its seventh year. The walk took years of research and covers sites connected with London’s dark past including places associated with grave robbers, serial killers (including Jack the Ripper), secret tunnels, witchcraft and conspiracy. The Blood & Tears Walk has received absolutely stunning reviews from thousands of visitors from every part of the globe as well as from school parties and corporate firms. For the second year running it has been awarded “One of London’s 10 Best walks” status by, an independent organisation which reviews attractions across the world and picks the best ten or less in any category. The walk takes place eight times a week – details are on the booking form.

‘Hot Tickets’ magazine (circulation: 400,000) – “A real treat… impressive… truly fascinating… a bargain… You won’t regret it”

Jon Miles, Head of European Operations, Commonwealth Bank of Australia – “Great fun – thoroughly enjoyed it”.

Ute Flossbach, German teacher – “Brilliant…thrilling stories”.

Annalena Glader, Organiser, Swedish Junior Chamber of Commerce – “Very good and spooky”.

Please note that Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on this tour. Also add on at least another 20 minutes to your journey if travelling by tube due to the temperamental circle line. The walk takes around 1h45 and starts from outside the only exit at Barbican underground station, which is two stops away from Kings Cross station on the Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City lines, and finishes conveniently at Holborn underground station.

Your tour guide, Declan McHugh, meets you at street level outside the only exit at Barbican underground station. You will recognise him by The Walk sign and the leaflets he will be holding.

It is extremely important that you allow sufficient time for your journey to arrive in good time for the walk. Tip: Count the underground stops between your starting point and Barbican then allow 4 minutes per stop plus 20 minutes. Declan can only wait a few minutes for latecomers so as not to inconvenience those who arrived at the correct time. If you arrive early there is a snackbar next to the station.

Dress warmly and bring an umbrella in spring, autumn and definitely winter! Many people who are either not used to London weather, or who are extreme optimists, end up either not bringing an umbrella (and wishing they had) or wearing unsuitable clothing which means they end up feeling cold – particularly if they come on any of the night walks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Escape the urban jungle and head for Whipsnade for the perfect family day out.

Escape on an adventure across acres of beautiful English countryside with fantastic views across the Chiltern Downs and watch lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and giraffes out and about in huge outdoor enclosures. Hop aboard the Jumbo Express train adventure or take a free Safari Bus as you make your way around the scenic Zoo, one of Europe’s largest conservation centres. Travel back to a time when wild beats walked this land. Where bison herds grazed on England’s verdant pastures and wolf packs and bears hunted in our forests. This land was their home before it was ours and now they’re back!.

Meet the bears, European bison, wolves, lynx and moose that were once commonplace in Britain, along with the mystical wolverine at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this Easter.

Wild Wild Whipsnade takes you on a journey of discovery and immerses you in a spell-binding story where you can experience the sights, sounds and awe-inspiring animals that once free roamed this country. Wild Wild Whipsnade allows you to escape to nature, re-live the mood of myths and legends and be confronted with some of weirdest, wildest and most wondrous beasts on earth.

Children under 16 will not be admitted without an adult.


Seasonal Events

July 23rd to 4th September: Something very big is coming to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this summer…

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo will be home to life-size animatronic dinosaurs as part of an immersive new exhibit where you can learn about the fascinating creatures that lived more than 65 million years ago. From the formidable tyrannosaurus rex to the gentle brachiosaurus, visitors will be transported to a prehistoric world where they can marvel at the giants that once roamed the earth. 

There’s plenty of dinosaur-themed fun to keep the whole family entertained inside Zoorassic Park, with fossil digging activities, live dinosaur pop up talks from our presenters, ‘How to train your dinosaur’ daily shows and an education trail for the little ones. Visitors can also learn about the important work ZSL’s scientists and conservationists do in the lab and in the field, and how we can use our knowledge to help prevent other animals from going extinct. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable visit to Zoorassic Park this summer!

Entry to Zoorassic Park is included in your ticket to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. 

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Edinburgh Walking Tour – Hidden and Haunted

Edinburgh Walking Tour – Hidden and Haunted

A chilling way to explore Edinburgh after dark – and underground. Strictly adult-only, this tour is a short, sharp shock – your unsettling introduction to our capital’s unsavoury past.

These tales are not fit for the glare of daylight – or for telling to those under 18. Join us, and your guide will share true stories of sinister misdeeds and terrible consequences, starting above ground around the wynds and closes of the Old Town.

You’ll hear of bloody plots that led to treason and torture – as well as secret lives that led to horrific deaths and tormented souls.

To delve deeper, go underground

Is it my imagination, or did it just get a little colder?

There’s definitely an unsettling feel to our Blair Street Underground Vaults – your expert Mercat guide will reveal troubled tales as you continue this terrifying walking tour. Expect true stories of murder and hangings – all of which took place right here in the vaults.

Pick out evidence of life in the distant past – and perhaps more – lurking just beyond the faint beam of your guide’s torch.

Why not combine your visit to Edinburgh Walking Tour with other famous attractions and activities in Edinburgh such as Royal Yacht Britannia or Edinburgh Dungeon?

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Edinburgh Walking Tour – Historic Underground

Edinburgh Walking Tour – Historic Underground

Get exclusive access to the Blair Street Underground Vaults – the largest system of underground caverns in Edinburgh. Built in the 18th century beneath South Bridge, we’re the only tour company with access.

Beneath the bustle of Edinburgh’s Old Town you’ll discover a dark, damp world unchanged since the 18th century. Your expert guide will lead you deep into the Blair Street Underground Vaults, and together you’ll explore their history – including how they became home to the city’s most destitute inhabitants.  

Want to see Edinburgh’s darkest secret? Descend into the vaults, exclusive to Mercat Tours.

It’s a story rooted in Edinburgh’s Georgian past – grand feats of engineering, the expansion of the city, and those who were left behind in its darker corners.

But why were the vaults built? And who used them? Save your questions for your Mercat tour guide, a masterful storyteller who will bring the history of the vaults to life – and talk you through some of the artefacts that have survived.

The walking tour takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, with time at the end in our Discovery Room – complete with 3D model, artefacts, and a short presentation.

Why not combine your visit to Edinburgh History Walk with other famous attractions and activities in Edinburgh such as Edinburgh Dungeon or Royal Yacht Britannia

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Edinburgh Walking Tour – Secrets of the Royal Mile

Edinburgh Walking Tour – Secrets of the Royal Mile

This tour is the perfect introduction to Scotland’s capital

Discover an Edinburgh beyond the reach of tour buses and books. Your expert guide will take you to the places where history was made – the wynds, closes, courtyards and homes of Edinburgh’s Old Town. You’ll be hanging on your guide’s every word, as the true stories of our capital’s past unfold.

The characters? Think Mary Queen of Scots, David Hume, Adam Smith and Robert Burns. But you’ll go far beyond the well-known facts and faces – uncovering another side of our city, and Scotland’s past. From crime and culture to politics and everyday events, all Edinburgh life is here – expertly told by your Mercat guide.

Why not combine your visit to Edinburgh History Walk with other famous attractions and activities in Edinburgh such as Royal Yacht Britannia or Edinburgh Dungeon?

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