Visit two of Edinburgh’s most famous underground locations to hear stories of torture, ghosts, hangings and witches and find out just what happened in each of these vaults. They are dark, damp and unpleasant places to visit – you have been warned!

Enjoy exclusive access to two underground locations, one beneath South Bridge and the other under Niddrie Street. Visit each of these vaults with an experienced and energetic guide, dressed in full period costume, and be entertained by this passionate and engaging storyteller, who will regale you with dark tales concerning the vaults and fill you in on some of the ghostly sightings and events that visitors often experience. 

Each vault that you are taken into is over 400 years old, so it is no surprise that they are dark, damp and atmospheric places – over the years they have become famous for being some of the most haunted places in the world. From the times of the plague, to torture chambers, to illegal gambling dens, these vaults have a past that most would like to forget – only we can not. 

Every city has it’s secrets…some are kept quiet for a reason. 

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