Head back through the years to ancient Southwark and London Bridge, a place where law abiding citizens dared not visit, and learn about the area’s unsavoury history on this London Bridge Ghost Walking Tour for Two. You’ll discover the old Bishop of Winchester’s ‘Geese’, the licensed ladies of the night who gave rise to the term goose bumps (your tour guide can probably paint a picture of what that meant back then), and the unconsecrated graveyards where they spend their eternal rest. Britain’s oldest operating theatre and oldest prison are also stops on the tour, both of which are likely to be haunted by the many souls who went in but never came out. Bear baiting and cock fighting are just the beginning of the depravities of the ancient London Bridge area, all of which you’ll dive into during this walking tour. There’s also the opportunity to find a 17th century pub, haunted by a canine ghost and proving it’s not just people who have problems moving on.

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 8 (under 18s must be accompanied by a paying adult) The tour ma

Includes: Delve into the dingy history of London Bridge and Southwark Learn about The Clink, Britain’s oldest

Locations: London – London Bridge

You’ll meet for your tour outside Bunch of Grapes Pub, near London Bridge before setting off for your 1 hour 30 minute tour along the streets surrounding the south end of London Bridge. Your knowledgeable tour guide will teach you all about the area’s supernatural secrets as you pass by a prison, operating theatre, graveyard, grog haunt, a 17th-century haunted pub and more.

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