Smithills Open Farm near Bolton is, at it’s heart, a dairy farm and as such cows feature heavily in any visit!  From hand-feeding the calves to watching them being milked, if you’re a fan of cows like our Amy, then Smithills Farm is a great place to visit. And, even if cows aren’t your thing then there’s still a wide variety of other animals to see – basically anything you’d expect on a farm – pigs, horses, goats, sheep and some you wouldn’t – like meerkats, snakes and owls! We’ve been to Smithills Farm so many times in the last few years and think it’s a really lovely day out – with that in mind, I wanted to share thirteen things to do at Smithills Farm. 1. Watch the cows be milked Watching the cows being milked is Amy’s favourite thing to do at Smithills Farm – the herd is 100 cows strong with around 50 being milked by robot and 50 being milked the old fashioned way. The robot is super high-tech and allows the cows to be milked all day long with minimal input from the farmer. The cows wear a special necklace which the machine reads – […]

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