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A profiteroles delivery service is coming to London | The Real Britain Company

While an order probably won’t fit through your letterbox, this latest delivery service is one to get exceedingly excited about. East London bakery The Proof has added a profiteroles package to its delivery-only range. That means you can now get chocolatey, stuffed choux buns direct to your doorstep. 

Of course, it’s calling them ‘Proofiteroles’. The buns come stuffed with chantilly cream, and with a heat-at-home chocolate sauce on the side – ready for you to assemble to impress guests (or devour solo, we’re not judging). They can also be ordered with mix-and-match toppings – from honeycomb to salted caramel sauce – or you can select them stuffed with ice cream from nearby Hackney Gelato. Consider it a French twist on the ice-cream sandwich.  

The Clapton-based baker behind the idea is Francesca Strange, who says she was inspired to bake by her Italian nonna. She also crafts cupcakes, regular cakes and this mind-blowing creation, The Proofiteroles Cake…

proofiterole cake


Photograph: Charlie McKay


This towering occasion cake will set you back £80. But you can order those Proofiteroles on their own in batches of ten, 20 or 30, starting from £14. Go on, stuff yourself silly.      

Read more about The Proof and book a profiteroles delivery here.  

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