Dans Le Noir?, found in London’s vibrant Clerkenwell is hands-down the most unique restaurant I’ve ever visited.

On arrival, expect to be led into a completely blackened room and served by visually impaired waiters in the dark, all whilst sharing a table with other guests. And unlike choosing from an A la Carte or fixed price menu, you will be given different ‘surprise menu’ options. For example, there is a meat option, a seafood option and a vegetarian option, amongst others.

I went for the vegetarian menu personally and enjoyed a very healthy starter and main course of juicy oyster mushrooms and succulent tofu steak. The deliciously decadent chocolate fondant dessert was not as nourishing, however, but was the definite highlight from the menu!

The experience of eating in the dark is a completely humbling one. I admittedly felt very vulnerable even just eating in a pitch black room, despite knowing the situation was temporary.

Another highlight was the strong connection made with the Canadian couple sitting next to us. In the dark, we were extremely open with one another, discussing in-depth tales of our lives, even though we were strangers.

After your dinner in the dark, don’t forget to check out the Silent Bar where you can be taught to order a cocktail in sign language!

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