Fortitude bakehouse is a tiny bakery tucked away on a small alley just off Russel Square station. It’s quite possible that if there wasn’t a wooden board saying “Morning buns and coffee” and the smell of baked goods I’d have missed it hurrying up to get to work. 

Fortitude bakehouse is actually quite unique in that they don’t offer loaves of bread, apart from their soda bread which is served with their soups at lunch. What they specialise in though is sourdough bakes – both savoury and sweet.

If you arrive in the morning you’ll find their popular morning buns with a variety of fillings, sticky buns, beignets and more! Even though it’s all delicious I do try to limit myself on how often I treat myself to their sweet goodies but for lunch, it is my go-to place. At lunchtime, you will find their savoury offerings! Every day they’ll have a selection of sandwiches, scones, puff pastries, morning buns with but with savoury fillings this time, a daily soup offering and more! My go-to choices and must try recommendations are: the Berber omelette sandwich, the daily soup and the cheese breadstick! What I love about the place is how creative their recipes are and the flavour combinations are always well thought out.

A bonus tip – if you happen to be in London around Christmas time do not miss to try their mince pies, probably the best in town!

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