When I first came across this place it almost seemed too good to be true. Hidden in a central London area otherwise full of hotels, coffee chains and seedy bars, a restaurant that is both reasonably priced and delicious is hard to come by.  

Master Wei offers food from the Shaanxi region in Northwest China, with a focus on noodles of various shapes and sizes. I’m sure everything on the menu is good but my personal favourites are the sliced potato salad, the cold Liangpi noodles and, of course, the handmade Biang Biang noodles. Go in a group and share as many different dishes as possible. There are also plenty of vegetarian options.

If you’re too full to move then roll next door to the Queens Larder pub for a post dinner drink. 

And if you get hooked on the noodles (understandable) then try the sister restaurant, Xi’an Impression, in Highbury.

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