Set in the heart of the National Forest, the National Forest Adventure Farm has become one of our family favourites.  Having been lucky enough to be invited to explore their Dinosaur and Pirate themed adventures in the past, and this year, to explore the Moon Landing Maize Maze and Space Adventures. There is so much to do at the National Forest Adventure Farm, including a wonderful indoor play area and as the children remembered their last visit, we had to do some serious planning in the car on the way there in order to make sure everyone got to do their favourite activity. So, at the request of the 4 year old, it was straight through the entrance and into the JCB area to explore the ride on diggers and sand pit – this gave us time to grab a coffee from the on-site café and to plan our next activity! Next, it was time to head to Space Ranger Training.  We walked towards the entrance and were greeted by an Astronaut who encouraged us to write our name labels (adults included!) and write our special skill that we could use in space (cue jovial suggestions from Daddy!).  The children […]

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