If you live in a flatshare in Newham you will soon be able to self isolate in a hotel for free. The East End borough is claiming to be the first in the country to offer residents who come into contact with Covid a safe space to quarantine if they don’t have access to one at home.

The local council announced last night that Covid-sufferers with vulnerable family members or in overcrowded homes or homes where they share facilities such as washing and cooking (ie. flatshares) would now be offered a free stay in a hotel if they want it. 

There are currently three hotels with rooms on hold. Those rooms are available to people with a positive test result and those who live with someone with a positive test result. Residents who choose to stay there will be supplied with food and medical checks.

The council says that they hope this new system will stop the spread of the virus via airborne droplets in shared rooms that people can’t avoid using (like kitchens and bathrooms). Mayor Fiaz has explained that it’s hoped that this new protocol plus the introduction of rapid testing centres, a Covid-19 helpline and an extensive push for vaccine volunteers in the area will help push down virus transmission in the area.

He said: ‘Our unique offer to support safe self-isolation to Newham residents is… a demonstration of our on-going focus on the safety, health and well-being of our people.’

Want to check yourself into a quarantine hotel? You can gain access to them via the Newham Covid Helpline (020 7473 9711).

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