Last week, Mini Travellers were invited to ‘laugh in the face of science’ with Brainiac Live at the Garrick Theatre in London’s West End and we certainly did have a giggle. I arrived with my daughters (aged 7 & 9) at the Garrick Theatre to find an unusual looking theatre-set complete with skull and crossbones signs, TNT, blue smoke and reams of warning tape. We enjoyed listening to my nine year olds favourite tunes, whilst waiting for the Brainiacs to arrive. The energetic Lead Brainiac, Ned, bounced onto the stage with a big smile. Accompanied by flashing lights and the first of many loud bangs, Ned introduced the audience to the Brainiac team; Brainiacs Dave, Ed & Raz. The show comes with many warnings about the loud bangs, and they are very loud, but the entire audience complied and put their fingers firmly in their ears when instructed to. Based on the popular TV Show, Brainiac Live cleverly uses the weird and wonderful world of science to entertain the audience. The slightly geeky, yet super cool, Brainiacs show the audience just how fun science experiments can be. The first of which being a slightly foolish experiment titled ‘what can you […]

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