And you thought 2020 was off to a bad start? You know, because you had to get dressed this morning and probably go to work and couldn’t spend the day watching ‘The Sound of Music’. Well, Pret is here to cheer us all up with two very exciting additions to its menu (and reasons to make your peace with leaving the house). 

Firstly, a vegan croissant. The Very Berry croissant promises to be just as flaky and delicious as Pret’s others, but it’s made using a vegan recipe and filled with a fruity berry compote. Apparently Pret sells more than 20 million croissants every year. If you’ve been missing out because there hasn’t been a plant-based version available, this new development will be pleasing news. 

Secondly, oat milk is finally on Pret’s menu. Why wasn’t it already? We don’t know and frankly now we don’t care because Pret is also dropping the extra charge for milk alternatives, so oat, soya and rice-coconut milks will be free, as dairy milk is. 

Photograph: Pret A Manger

A vegan croissant with an oat-milk flat white on the side? Living the ruddy dream!

The new menu launches in all Pret and Veggie Pret stores on Tue Jan 7. 

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