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Ten Social Media Accounts to Follow for Londonphiles

Ten Social Media Accounts to Follow for Londonphiles

For good or for ill, social media is everywhere these days.  We watch videos on Tiktok and Youtube, post our photos to Instagram, chat via WhatsApp, and keep in touch with our friends using Facebook.  Social media can also be a useful place to find information (hopefully good information) about places we love.  Of course, this includes London, and there are plenty of social media accounts to help you navigate your way through the city and have a great time.  From meme pages to transportation tips, we have outlined ten social media accounts we think you should follow, and you can share your own recommendations in the comments.

Londoner Memes (Facebook/Instagram) 

If you’ve ever Lived in London or even visited the city, you’ll get a good laugh at these memes poking fun at London life.  From jokes at about the Underground to the high cost of living in London, you’ll get an idea of what the city is like or enjoy the cheek. 



BBC Radio London Travel (Twitter) 

It always helps to be up to date on the latest news about London transport and BBC Radio London Travel is the Beeb’s news flash for transportation information affecting the city.  Changes to routes, street closures, and advice for travelers are all tweeted out by Radio London, so be sure to follow them for the latest information when you’re in London.

Mind the Gap:  Tube, Bus, and Travel Updates (Facebook)

Another useful account for transportation is Mind the Gap.  This Facebook page collects together news articles from My London and has more in-depth stories about London Transportation past and present. 


London on a Plate (Instagram) 

Foodies will want to follow this Instagram account that features London restaurants.  Posts include new restaurants, new dishes at your favorites, and also coupons to help you save a little bit while dining in the city. 


London Government (Twitter)

To know what’s going on in the city, it’s worth it to follow the Greater London Authority’s elected leaders.  Both Mayor Sadiq Khan and the London Assembly can be found on Twitter where they share information on the city’s programs, events, and important news.

Secret London (Instagram) 

If you want to find the secret places and events in London, Secret London’s Instragram account is the place to go.  From free events to new places, you can find something to do in London that you never knew about by following this account.


London Travel Tips (Facebook) 

Hosted by Free Tours on Foot, London Travel Tips is a Facebook page that is exactly what it says on the tin.  The account posts its own stories and links for travelers but also allows group members to post their own tips or questions to get advice from other members as well as sharing pictures and stories.    


Travel London (WhatsApp) 

Similar to the London Travel Tips group, WhatsApp has its own group called Travel London.  WhatsApp is primarily a phone messenger app that can be purchased for iPhones and Android as well as downloaded directly to your computer.  In the group, members can see advice, share news, and chat about visiting the City.


Transport for London (Twitter) 

The last of our entries dealing with London public transport, there’s no better source for transportation news than the source.  Transport for London uses its Twitter account to share updates, information, and advice.  TfL also loves to share beautiful photos from other Twitter uses so your travel pics may end up as a Tweet seen by millions.

London Night Guide (Instagram) 

Having trouble deciding where to go for the evening?  London Night Guide has an Instagram account that might help with your indecision, highlighting the hottest nightclubs and offering users the chance to get on the guestlist.  Their website also provides reviews of different nightclubs that can further help you make up your mind. 


Ten Social Media Accounts to Follow for LondonphilesLondontopia – The Website for People Who Love London

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