On 18 May, Kew Gardens opens its new Children’s Garden to the public. This marks an exciting new chapter for younger visitors to the historic Kew Gardens. Mini Travellers were lucky to be given a sneak preview of the Children’s Garden, and have been counting down the days until it opened to the public so we can visit again. In keeping with the rest of Kew Gardens, the educational opportunities are not forgotten, and the core theme of the Garden are all the four elements plants need to grow. There is an ‘Earth Garden’ where children can whizz down enormous cylindrical slides into sand, where they can dig and play until their hearts are content. In the ‘Air Garden’ they can marvel at the windmills, lie in a giant hammock, hop across giant colourful spheres and bounce on mini trampolines. The ‘Water Garden’ has the a fantastic water play area, with plenty of opportunities for children to divert streams, make big puddles and jump across stepping stones. Grown-ups may enjoy the ‘Sun Garden’ the most, with plenty of seating in perspex tunnels, which provide a wonderful warm and colourful outlook, through which to watch children play.  The Garden is set […]

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