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These pictures show an eerily empty London over Christmas | The Real Britain Company

London is far from deserted right now. There are hordes of last-minute shoppers bulk-buying Chocolate Oranges and joke books about Brexit, hundreds of revellers drinking eggnog and then riding the big wheel at Winter Wonderland and hundreds more scouring the city for Christmassy events that’ll give them festive vibes. But, if all these merry crowds are a bit too much, take solace in the fact that soon the city will be entirely deserted. 

Photograph: Shutterstock

Like, almost totally and completely empty.  

Photograph: Nielskliim/

Just look at these lovely calming images and breeeeathe. 

Photograph: Nielskliim/

Come Christmas Day this is what London will look like. 

Photograph: Shutterstock

Looking for things to do in London on Christmas Day? Here’s a bunch of fun things to do when London’s deserted

More events and activities taking place on Christmas Day just here. 

Alone in London over Xmas? Here are some ace ideas. 

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