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Travel Blog for Outdoor Adventures

Travel Blog for Outdoor Adventures

About That Adventurer

About Me & That Adventurer

Introduction to That Adventurer

Hi there, I’m Hannah, and I run That Adventurer. This blog chronicles my outdoor escapades around the world. Having spent 6 years in Vancouver, I’m now back in Europe, exploring new destinations for the next year while I contemplate where to settle permanently.

My journey with That Adventurer began in 2013 after I graduated, and I’ve been sharing my adventures with my husband ever since. In a true adventurer’s fashion, we tied the knot in the Arctic in November and kicked off our wedding celebrations with a hike!

In 2017, we ventured to the scenic west coast of Canada with our trusty companion, Elvis the Van, a self-converted Ford E150 that served as our home for 5 months.

Latest Adventures on That Adventurer

Search Adventures by Destination

Our escapades have taken us to various corners of the globe. You can explore adventures by country on the interactive map below. Pink pins indicate countries I’ve resided in, while blue pins denote countries I’ve visited.

Accommodation Guides

Seeking pocket-friendly accommodations for your next outdoor expedition? Look no further! I provide detailed accommodation guides on my blog to help you find the perfect stay wherever you go.

Most Popular Posts on the Blog

If you’re in need of some travel inspiration, check out a selection of my most popular posts that will ignite your wanderlust!

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