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Gliding Oxfordshire | The Real Britain Company

Go gliding at Bicester Airfield and you’ll be welcomed as part of this big enthusiastic team of gliding fans! This is one of the largest and best organised gliding clubs we have on our books and it’s a real pleasure to be able to offer gliding across the Oxfordshire skies for all ages.

It certainly is an impressive set up here in Oxfordshire. The gliding club has been operating out of Bicester airfield since 1956 so they have certainly got this silent flying lark down to a tee. A team of dedicated staff and volunteers from Oxfordshire and beyond keep this club running like clockwork on gliding days with key members including Chief Flying Instructor Dave Watt Safety Officer John Marriot and Alan Twigg who oversees the incredibly passionate volunteers.

So not only does Bicester have superb ground staff there is also a full roster of male and female gliding instructors many of whom are regional examiners and coaches too. All highly experienced they still love nothing more than taking a first-timer up in the skies of Oxfordshire to discover what gliding is all about.

Add to all this an excellent airfield which is in fact one of the largest remaining grass runway airfield in Europe and you’ve got yourself the perfect place for getting airborne in a glider. There’s even a whole load of history with this Oxford gliding club base being protected by English Heritage – in particular the Control Tower and the pre-World War Two bomb stores.

We are offering several glider packages here in Oxfordshire. In essence the higher you go the longer you glide. So there’s a basic package for one aerotow to 2000ft for a 20 minute flight a standard deal giving you 30 minutes of soaring over Bicester and beyond from 3000ft and a premium pack to tow you to 4000ft for around 40 minutes of flying.

Choose the weekday winch launch option and you will fly from a height of 1000-1200ft giving you up to 5-6 minutes a great value option!

On all experiences you will be in a two-seater dual-control glider accompanied by a British Gliding Association pilot instructor. The highlight of each flight has to be the moment you are invited to take control and actually fly the glider around the skies of Oxfordshire. Brilliant aerial fun!

Find out more and book your place today!