Enjoy the red carpet pop star treatment with this brilliant recording studio experience! Every superstar singer will be popping on a pair of headphones and will be performing to their favourite music. And no it’s not karaoke you will be singing to a professional backing track and laying down your own unique version in a professional recording studio during these in-tune experiences!

From the moment you enter the studio you’ll be the star of the show the one with the X-Factor as budding vocalists sing and record favourite songs with plenty of help from the professional sound engineers. There’s no need to be nervous as you have lots of studio experience time to build up your singing confidence – and above all the emphasis is on having fun!

The Silver recording experience gives you time to rehearse and record one track of your choosing. Once the recording is complete you can watch and learn from the experienced studio producers who’ll digitally mix and edit the track adding effects and flourishes before it’s transferred and saved onto a CD.

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