If you often feel tired or stressed, Jung Shim provide energy treatments to help you recharge your ‘human energy.’ Jung Shim Practitioners work with Qi energy to clear toxins and release emotional stress and tension helping you to feel calm and relaxed. Energy Treatments are a powerful way to support your health and wellbeing. Rebalance and revitalise naturally with this 45 minute Energy Treatment, Assessment and Consultation with a Qi Practitioner. Qi is the invisible energy that flows through all living beings, according to Oriental medicine. With a balanced flow of Qi energy, you can experience better health and vitality. Jung Shim Manchester is the location for this fantastic re-energising treatment that uses a sound and acupressure massage to recharge body and mind. Your consultation ensures you get the best treatment tailored to your individual needs.

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 18 The experience content, equipment used and restrictions may

Includes: Complimentary herbal tea on arrival Consultation and assessment Qi treatment Experience gift pack in

Locations: Greater Manchester – Manchester

On arrival at Jung Shim Manchester, you will be greeted by staff and provided with a pair of slippers to wear. You will be offered a complimentary cup of herbal tea as you fill in a health questionnaire, detailing any symptoms of illness and physical or emotional conditions you are suffering from. You will then be able to discuss your ailments with the Qi Practioner. Following your Energy Treatment, you will have time to discuss the Qi Practitioner’s findings and receive advice concerning your wellbeing. Energy Treatments are aimed at giving people more energy, naturally. This centre features highly qualified practitioners who train in this ancient martial arts practice to transmit balanced energy to your body and mind.

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