An exciting half day’s introduction into the sport of polo, where even complete non-riders can learn the basic disciplines of the game and compete in a mini match by lunchtime! You don’t need to have a horse riding background to take part in the Introduction to Polo experience; your instructor will take you through a structured programme that will teach you the rules and tactics, the polo swing and polo riding. You will have some ‘stick and ball’ practice of hitting the ball from the pony, as well as from stationary crates so you don’t have to worry about the horse. The quiet, safe ponies will make it easy for you to learn to move, stop and turn. The session will conclude with a Chukka, where you will play with and against the other learners and instructors. The Introduction to Polo would make and excellent gift for anyone with a love for horses, or for someone looking to trying new things. Spend a fun-filled morning learning to ride and enjoy playing an exciting game of competitive polo.

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 12 (under 16s need to be accompanied by an adult who will be as

Includes: Welcome and briefing Learn and practice basic techniques Instructional chukka Experience gift pack i

Locations: Surrey – Ascot

The Introduction to Polo experience runs on most weekends throughout the year. The two hour lesson takes you through all basic components of the game to give you an understanding of the sport. You will spend time learning the rules and tactics by watching a demonstration by your instructor using a board with miniature pieces. You will then stand on an elevated platform with a shortened polo mallet and be taught the polo swing and the four basic shots. Then mount and learn how to ride a polo pony. Finally, put it all together by doing some stick and ball, (riding your pony and hitting a ball in solo practice.) Following the Introductory lesson you are able to play a mini game of polo – in an ‘Instructional chukka’ – where you can enjoy playing competitive polo and practice what you’ve learnt.

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