Looking for a fun, new, extreme sport? Spend the day on the beach learning one of three Powerkite sports for a thrilling and unique experience, perfect for any adrenaline junkie. You’ll choose between Kite Surfing, Kite Landboarding or Kite Buggying, each one sure to give you a fast-paced ride along the shores of Portland Harbour, Dorset. This area benefits from prevailing south-west winds, making it an ideal location for kite sports. Kite Surfing involves taking to the water with your feet strapped to the surf board, perfect for anyone who enjoys causing a splash. Or if you like the tricks of skateboarding and snowboarding, you might like to try Kite Landboarding for a fast, versatile ride on wheels. Or if it’s motor sports that you’re into, why not try Kite Buggying? This exhilarating sport uses a three-wheeled buggy powered by a kite to move across the sand. Whichever Powerkite sport you choose, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic adrenaline-packed day you’ll never forget.

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 15 ( under 18s require parental supervision) Medical problems m

Includes: Welcome and registration Short classroom session, including a safety and equipment briefing Choice o

Locations: Dorset – Portland

Your chosen session will begin with a welcome and registration, followed by a short classroom session, including safety briefing and information on the equipment you will be using. You will learn the basics of kite operation and how to use the wind to maximise speed and power. Then, if your sport is based on land you will have your first attempt at traction kiting, using the kite as your power source and resisting its pull, the power is then transmitted to the wheels. You will practice steering your board or buggy, and manoeuvre the kite to pick up speed and stop. If you have chosen kite surfing, you will first watch your instructor as they show you how to launch, land and fly the kite before having a go yourself.

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