The stand-up Jet Ski is the ultimate in personal watercraft, designed for racers and stunt fans alike, these amazing machines really get the blood pumping and the heart racing. Try out some tricks or just experience the thrill of the wind in your hair and the water at your feet. You’ll have 20 minutes tuition time to soak up all the knowledge you can and practice those adrenaline fuelled twists and turns. Whether you’re speeding across the water like a pro or still mastering the skills by the end of the day – you’ll leave with a sense of achievement.

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 17 Maximum weight: 18 stone Fitness/Health: You need to be reas

Includes: Welcome and safety briefing Jet Ski tuition 2 x 10 minute sessions with you at the controls Experien

Locations: Bedfordshire – Bedford

Your experience will begin with a welcome and a short safety briefing. An experienced instructor will then show you the basics and allow you to practice, before progressing to advanced techniques. After learning the controls, you will be taught how to ride on your knees, ride standing up and perform tight turns and tricks. The instructors will have you feeling like a professional in no time. You will receive 20 minutes tuition, with you at the controls. This experience uses the latest twin-carb 701cc Yamaha Super-Jet which is widely regarded as the most advanced Jet Ski on the market, capable of speeds up to 60mph and the ability to power jump out of the water! You will be presented with a personalised certificate at the end of your activity.

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