Forget that trip to the cinema or the meal you were going to go out for – head out for some white water rafting instead! As it is one of the most challenging water based activities available in the UK, you should put yourselves to the test and give this thrill ride a go. The two of you will join several other adventure seekers and a qualified guide to thunder your way down one of the UK’s exciting white water runs. Either manmade or natural, there’s no doubt you’ll experience the incredible adrenaline rush of speed, cold water and impending doom! Grip on tight and don’t drop your paddles!

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Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 8 to14 depending on location (under 18’s need parental/guardian

Includes: Buoyancy aids and helmets each Introduction to correct paddling techniques and commands One or more

Locations: Northamptonshire – Northampton; Nottinghamshire – Nottingham; Scotland – Perthshire; Wales – Clwyd;

Before the two of you can get started you’ll need to kit up in the safety gear and pay attention the all important briefing. After this you’ll follow directions from a professional guide and get thrown straight into the crazy action of your chosen course. Depending on the location, you can confront challenges such as the “Cheeseblock”, the “Looping Pool”, the “Muncher” or the “Washing Machine”. Stay agile, as you’ll be bouncing about in your water soaked rafts, this is an encounter you won’t forget in a hurry. Be prepared to face steep drops, tight turns and masses of water! At least you’re not going it alone!

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