£150 Activity Gift token

If you don’t know which gift voucher to buy them why not plump for a £150 Activity Gift Token from Into the Blue? With a huge amount of experiences available costing up to £150 there will be plenty of choice for them. If they’re into their watersports they’ll love the Sunseeker powerboat cruiser experience or perhaps spend the weekend learning to wakeboard.

With these £150 activity tokens they can follow the sunrise on a hot air balloon flight or maybe they’d prefer to watch the yeast rise on a cookery course. The kids will be keen to trade their token in for a quad party and even Dad might be intrigued by the men’s spa day. All these experiences and many more are available costing around £150.

As with all Activity Gift Tokens the £150 gift voucher is valid for one year so they’ll have plenty of time to decide which Into the Blue experience they’d like to swap their monetary token for. All you need to do is buy the token and let them decide. IntotheBlue has over 3000 experience days available now by gift voucher. Check our home page for more information about our flexible gift vouchers and also our gift suggestions section for a wide selection of great gifts for every occasion from IntoTheBlue. 

What happens once they have a token?
The £150 Into the Blue Activity Token is valid for any of the current activities displayed on the Into the Blue website. Once you’ve given them their token the lucky recipient can then browse all the experiences and choose what they want to do. Decision made they can simply exchange their voucher online .

And can they choose an activity which is less or more expensive than their token?
Of course then can. Any activity can be chosen they will simply get a credit note for the remainder amount or be asked to put money towards the activity if the experience wanted costs more than £150. This can be done online or over the telephone with a credit or debit card. 


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£150 Activity Gift token
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