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Things to Do!

Some people are content with walking through our beautiful unspoilt countryside or meandering around our shops but we’re a nation of quirky events and amazing attractions too and us humans, well, sometimes we need to be¬†stimulated! So we’ve compiled a huge list of ideas to get your brains thinking about things you can do right across the UK. So, no excuses, start planning to live life to its fullest right here…

Driving Experiences and Activities

Driving Experiences

If you want to experience driving a whole host of vehicles then we have you covered. With venues right across the country run by well organised and passionate small businesses, you’ll love being in command of something a little different to your average run-around!

Flying Experiences and Activities

Flying Experiences

You might be surprised to know that the UK has almost 300 registered airports. So it’s not too surprising to learn that many also have flying experiences and attractions for the public. From Hot air balloons to Microlites, Helicopters and Fighter-Jet Simulators, we have it all!

Gourmet Experiences and Activities

Gourmet Experiences

Britain produces some of the best Indian cuisines in the world. Crazy, I know but that’s just the tip of the iceberg because we’re also a nation of Chocolate and Wine lovers too! Now you can experience the best we have to offer with gourmet experiences up and down the country.

Life Experiences Activities and Tours

Life Experiences and Tours

We might be an Island but our diversity puts the ‘Great’ into Great Britain! We love James Bond, Flower Arranging and Tours of every city! How about our famous Cream Tea; Castles, Theme parks and Zoos. From the exostic to the serene, there’s something for everyone.

Spas and Pampering Days
Sports and Adventure Activities and Experiences

Sports and Adventure Activities

Countrywide adventures from Archery and Biplane aerobatics to classic car driving and Afternoon Tea with a Twist! We have it all, its what makes Britain Great! And it’s not all adrenaline either, we have great outdoor pursuits such as Archery, Clay pigeon and Segways too!

Outdoor Life and Walking Experiences

Outdoor Life and Walking Experiences

Guided walks in the most scenic areas of Britain. Gorge walking, Canyon scrambling, Coasteering and Canyoning make discovering the beauty of Britain a real pleasure. OK, perhaps its not your¬†average walking experience but it’s something you’ll remember for sure.