£250 Activity Gift Token

These £250 Activity Gift Tokens can be spent on any of the hundreds of activities available on the Into the Blue website. Their token can be exchanged for some thrilling gift vouchers  such as day learning car stunts with famous driver Paul Swift or the chance fly with a Hurricane or Spitfire from the Historic Aircraft Collection – all for under £250.

A £250 token will also buy a unique experience for two people to get creative and have a go at ice sculpting or if you they want to totally relax there’s a hot stone spa day for two. to name but two gift ideas.

Of course they don’t have to exchange their token for a gift voucher that equals exactly £250. If they see a cheaper activity they’d like to do they could invite friends to join them and buy multiple vouchers or they will be given a credit note for the remaining value. If they choose one of the gift vouchers over the value of £250 they simply pay the difference. These £250 Activity Gift Tokens offer the most flexible way for you to offer them an Into the Blue gift voucher.

Into the Blue.co.uk providers of over 800 amazing and memorable family friendly experiences. Please visit our home page for a great selection of wild wacky exciting and relaxing adventures all available via a personalised gift voucher.

 What do they need to do to turn their Activity Gift Token into a voucher?
Once they have had a good look through the full spectrum of Into the Blue activities they just need to give our sales team a call on 01959 578100 and ask to convert their £250 token into a gift voucher for their chosen activity. Once this is done they can book in for their activity with the supplier.

If the activity they choose is more or less than £250 what happens?
No panic! All they need to do if they want to choose and activity more than £250 is pay the difference over the ‘phone when they call to convert their token. If the activity is less than Into the Blue will issue a credit note to be spent on the Into the Blue website.

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£250 Activity Gift Token
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