4×4 Driving Stirlingshire

More of a lovely Lowland Lilt than a Highland Fling this 4×4 Stirlingshire experience will see you taking an off-road vehicle for a spin on one very muddy dance floor. Test your driving skills when you tackle three different tracks on this extensive off road circuit just 30 minutes’ drive from Stirling.

Indeed the setting for your offroading session is very pretty. Right on the edge of the Trossachs National Park and just a couple miles away from the whitewashed walls of the cottages in Gartmore village this 4×4 centre is nestled in between the forest and fields three miles south of Aberfoyle.

In fact this buzzing wee venue is a fully-equipped outdoor centre with a wealth of activities to try including 4×4 driving which happens to be the very first experience this Stirlingshire team offered and still one of the most popular. And when you see the course you’ll instantly see why it consistently gets the thumbs up from participants.

It’s a well-worn path here in Stirlingshire which means it is properly rutted in places with rocks poking out of the ground and mud abound. Some of the tracks cross the open prairies of the farmland. Others twist and wind themselves in and around the trees. There’s one particularly steep slope that will see you side-slipping down it trying to avoid smacking into the trees on either side as you go.

Luckily the rugged fleet of resident 4x4s in Stirlingshuire love this sort of terrain. The classic Land Rover Discovery is there but there are also regular outings for the likes of the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Vauxhall Monterey too. Whichever vehicle is working on the day of your off road drive it’s going to be pushed to the absolute limit of what is physically possible in a motor vehicle. And all that with you in the driver’s seat putting in a sterling effort to keep the car on the straight and narrow!

What is really good about this experience is that before each session of 4x4ing in Stirlingshire you are taken on an instructor-driven demo. This means you can check out in advance where you’ll be going and have a good idea of the sort of obstacles these off road vehicles can tackle. All that then remains is for you to try and replicate what your expert driver did when it’s your turn at the wheel!

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