4×4 Jeep Driving Fife

It’s all a bit Braveheart when you head to Knockhill for 4×4 driving! This is rugged Scotland at its absolute best and this off road course near Dunfermline certainly makes the most of the naturally hilly terrain. Let’s see if you’re brave enough to do battle in your off road vehicle…

This 4×4 session takes place at the famous Scottish motoring venue Knockhill. Having said that you won’t be on the smooth tarmac of the track this experience is all about the hills and drops on the wilder lands surrounding the circuit. And although the course is purpose-built it certainly incorporates all those natural features such as rivers steep hills and even granite rock.

It all might sound a bit extreme this off roading so you’ll be calling on the services on one very talented 4×4 for the job. Gear yourselves up for driving the Jeep Wrangler Sahara. As the name might suggest whizzing up and down sand dunes in the desert would be a walk in the park for this car so let’s see how it copes with the mud and water of Dunfermline!

And with a 2.8l 16v high-tech diesel engine under the bonnet this Jeep is a far cry from the chuggy diesels of old and although you’ll be jostled and bumped about all over the place thanks to the rutted and rough terrain Knockhill boasts it is surprisingly comfortable inside the Wrangler.

Mind you there won’t be much time for appreciating the interior finish of your 4×4 as you will be having to keep your eyes firmly fixed on what lies ahead and there are some serious obstacles to tackle here in Dunfermline. We’re talking proper deep water splashes massively muddy sideslips and the highest hills you’ll think are impossible to conquer in your off roader.

Have faith in your allies though as you’re at the wheel of a superb 4×4 and you’ll have an excellent instructor by your side too throughout your mission. All Knockhill 4×4 lessons are run as small groups with up to three people and when you’re not driving you’ll be in the rear passenger seat so you can take part in the off roading fun for the full duration of the experience slot.

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