4×4 Off Road Driving Cardiff

Prepare yourself for proper offroading in Wales! This part of South Wales was pretty much made for 4×4 experiences like these. You’ll be on Ty Rhiw Farm in Taff Wells which has the perfect mix of trees farmland and hills to show off these trials 4x4s to the very best of their capabilities.

The terrain at this centre in-land from Cardiff is as tough as the vehicles you’ll be in. We’re talking fully-prepped off roaders that started life as standard Land Rovers before being modified to become competition-standard trials vehicles. And in fact these 4x4s have competed in many an actual trials comp. They’re also really rugged so don’t worry about bashing that tree root or splashing that Welsh mud right up the sides and onto the seats – it’s all par for the course when you’re off road trialling in Wales!

And we have to say when a 4×4 experience supplier starts off by telling us ‘a decent pair of boots and rain jacket that you don’t mind getting muddy are essential’ we think that’s a definite sign it’s going be a great 4×4 experience in Wales. 

And admittedly it often rains in South Wales but that’s an advantage for these 4x4ing sessions. Again this offroading school tells us that if it’s snowing they don’t faff around they just get the tyres changed on the 4x4s and get out there. And in their words if it’s raining it’s just ‘muddy good fun’.

Remember these are modified vehicles so we’re talking full roll cages open sides and a pretty basic interior. Forget head rests leather consoles walnut inserts and the SatNavs that you might associate some Chelsea Tractors with. This is back to basics offroading in Wales as its best hence the high probability of you getting a little mud-splattered.

What’s more it’s all-action all the way because when you’re not behind the wheel you’ll be a passenger so it’s a fully immersive experience when you choose Taff Wells for offroading in Wales. It’s rugged terrain right on the edge of the Fforest Fawr and the Taff Trail so expect your 4×4 session to be pretty wild and out there.

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