4×4 Passenger Ride Experience

No matter where you live in the country you can enjoy a 4×4 ride! Thats because we’ve got 4×4 demos at offroad venues the length and breadth of the country with the very best in 4×4 vehicles revved up and waiting for you. These passenger rides all have the same aim: to show you just what these 4x4s can do.

When we say thrill ride you might think of high speed and acceleration. In the case of a 4×4 passenger ride it’s all about low speeds and torque but that doesn’t mean a ride in an off roader is any less thrilling. Far from it in fact. These vehicles are tough well-built and scared of nothing. They go places you would never even dream of attempting in your average family hatchback.

Some of the settings for these 4×4 passenger experiences are pretty wild. We’re talking former quarries and airfields forests and riverside tracks too. Most use the natural topography of the land to its best advantage adding in some classic manmade obstacles to add an extra dimension for drivers and passengers. A see-saw here a log roll there and some very steep drops all to get the thrill levels increased even though you’re nowhere near breaking the speed limit!

It’s worth noting how these passenger rides work. The cars can seat up to four passengers with your expert 4×4 instructor at the wheel. Each participant has an allocated ten or so minutes for their experience but when passengers are grouped together the ride time is accumulated. So for example if there are three of you in the car you’ll all be out on the track in the same car together for 30 minutes.

No matter how long you are out on the circuit for in the 4×4 one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a thrilling ride. Expect bumps lumps some chassis rattling and even a bit of side sliding. It’s certainly true these off road vehicles can get themselves into some sticky situations but never fear these formidable 4x4s can power their way out of them too.

Book in for a 4×4 ride and let your off road expert demonstrate just what a beefed up off road vehicle can do. Witnessing the moves from inside the car as a passenger really brings the whole thing to life as you pick your way through rocks water troughs and rutted tracks in an impressive display of 4x4ing prowess. 

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