Adopt a Big Cat

Calling all feline fans – get your claws into our Adopt A Tiger or Big Cat packs! We think these have got to be the purrfect gift for anyone hoping to help protect these magnificent mammals. With each adoption box you’ll be supporting PTES (the People’s Trust for Endangered Species) as they work tirelessly to keep the world’s tiger and other big cat populations alive and thriving.

You have the choice to adopt one of five big cat species including the the Tiger Scottish Wildcat Snow Cheetah Cheetah and Lion. With each adoption pack you’ll receive a welcome letter registration form and a booklet explaining the plight of these graceful hunters. Once you’ve chosen your favourite species you’ll receive a personalised adoption certificate and a souvenir poster to display with pride – imagine having a picture of your personally adopted Tiger on your bedroom wall?

The Big Cat conservation projects are worldwide and through their Adopt a Tiger scheme aim to work with local people and agencies to promote the protection of natural habitats and the welfare of some of the globe’s most endangered big cat species. Tigers are the kings of the jungle and the largest of the Asian Big Cat family but sadly three out of nine breeds of Tiger are already extinct so the charity is aiming to prevent the remaining six including the very rare and beautiful Bengal Tiger from dying out.

Also incredibly rare is the Amur Leopard. More renowned for lurking around the savannahs of Africa the Amur is native to the Russian Far East and is vulnerable to poaching and wildlife trade. Your support through buying these Big Cat and Tiger adoption tins can make a real difference to the future of these marvellous creatures and ensure they stay with us to enthral and enrapture generations to come.

These Adopt a Tiger gifts (the rarest of the big cats on our list) are an unusual present to give but are sure to tug on the heartstrings of animal lovers everywhere and will give cat lovers a warm furry feeling of goodwill when they contemplate the positive impact their adoption will have on these big-pawed cats in the wild.

For alternative species in dire need of protection such as Exmoor ponies meerkats and penguins take a look at our Adopt an Animal page.

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