Adopt a Dolphin

Adopt a dolphin and help protect this stunning species! These very special gift tins contain everything you need to know about these enigmatic creatures and once you’ve registered your adoption you’ll be sent a personalised dolphin adoption certificate to thank you for your support.

Every adoption pack sold means a donation to ORCA the Portsmouth-based charity protecting whales and dolphins. Their work is to educate survey and inform with projects in schools volunteer whale and dolphin watching programmes surveys and conservation plans all falling under the charity’s remit.

In essence the only way to protect dolphins is to identify areas where they’re vulnerable and study their habits in order to aid their survival. The biggest threats to dolphins are shipping fishing (with nets and fishing gear abandoned in the sea) noise pollution and marine litter in particular plastics. Your adoption donation goes to ensure this good work continues simply as that.

Your tin includes lots of information and facts on these fascinating animals including more abut the work that ORCA undertakes. There’s a fact sheet on protecting valuable places infographic on everyone’s favourite the bottlenose dolphin along with a poster and postcard. There’s also a very informative dolphin species leaflet – did you know that Orca (or Killer) whales are the largest of the dolphin species?

Learn lots admire your lovely dolphin pictures and pride yourself in the fact that thanks to your adopt a dolphin gift you too will be helping to protect and better understand the wonderful dolphins and whales in the wild. We think this is a worthy present for any orca fan. And as presenter and conservationist Mark Carwardine who is patron of ORCA says: “If we can’t look after animals as awe-inspiring as whales and dolphins what can we do?”

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