Adopt a Donkey

Adopt a donkey at this sanctuary in Oxfordshire and you will be helping a little donkey to lead a better life in the loving arms of this rescue centre run by a very dedicated team of animal lovers.

All the donkeys staying at the sanctuary are up for adoption and they are there because they have been abused or ill-treated in the past. This registered charity works hard to save them and take them away from a life of being mistreated and neglected. Life at this working farm means the donkeys spend the rest of their days safe happy and loved – and your adoption ensures the continuing welfare of the donkeys and will help keep the centre running.

The centre is home to lots of different donkeys that are ready to be adopted including geldings and mares some of whom were born to rescued donkeys at the centre. They’ve all got such distinct characters too with Charlie the cheeky gelding rescued from Wales who loves pulling a small plough and hanging out with his stable mate Jack. There’s the very photogenic Chocolate who has starred in TV shows and loves nothing more than to attend country fairs to help promote adopting donkeys. Then there’s Mr Crusty who was rescued from a pony sale and loves a good dose of fuss and attention. And how could we forget Loppy with his big ears a rare Andalusian donkey whose adoption story has featured in the news.

Unfortunately the one thing that they all have in common is that they were badly treated at some point in their lives. There are no sad stories now though as that’s all in the past and these donkeys are happy and secure in their adoptive home on the farm. They even get to give special needs children rides – which makes everyone happy.

Once you’ve received your adopt a donkey pack all you have to do is choose the specific donkey you’d like to support and register your adoption. Then wait eagerly for the photograph and a certificate of adoption to arrive. You can also visit the donkey you have adopted at the sanctuary in Oxfordshire during normal opening hours so you can meet your adoptive donkey face to face and maybe share a carrot or two.

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