Adopt a Giraffe

There’s one way to get a head for heights – when you adopt a giraffe! These graceful creatures are at risk as their natural habitats are being systematically destroyed. So this adopt a giraffe gift set will make sure you help the much-loved Giraffa camelopardalis thrive.

The giraffe is by far the tallest of living mammals and is very distinctive amongst it’s fellow safari animals with their long legs elongated neck and those characteristic coat patterns and fur colour. Of course with that ever-so-long neck reaching tasty acacia leaves high up in the trees is no problem for the giraffe. So just why do giraffes need adopting?

Well the answer is simple. All over their native homelands of Africa the continent is being deforested and turned into agricultural land and that means the giraffe’s preferred habitat is disappearing – and fast. Experts believe that in the last 15 years alone the giraffe population has declined by 40% and up to 80% in some areas. This adoption gift will see you sponsoring the People’s Trust for Endangered Species’s work in Kenya with giraffes.

The Trust has already carried out official assessments into giraffe numbers in Kenya leading to the giraffe now being classed as an Endangered Species. That means research work into conservation projects can now continue into the best ways to help keep giraffes safe in their natural environment. The donation you’ll be making as part of this giraffe adoption scheme goes towards the Trust’s continuing work in Kenya.

Your gift pack includes a souvenir giraffe poster as well as leaflet and infographic with all the facts and figures about these fascinating creatures you’ve helped with your adoption. There’s also a registration form so you can sign up to receive your official giraffe adoption certificate that you can frame and proudly add your to wall as a reminder of the gift that’s been given on your behalf to the Kenyan giraffes.

Adopt a giraffe today and put your own little footprint on this superb conservation project in the heart of Kenya helping these majestic mammals that are officially classified as an endangered species. So much giraffe goodness in a funky gift tin!


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