Adopt a Llama

Adopt a llama and send big love to those gorgeous shaggy-coated creatures! With their funny ears and lovely little lop-sided smiles llamas are totally adorable. But some of them need your help and that’s where these llama adoption kits come in.

Native to the South American Andes llamas are like camels but without the hump. They can be pretty characterful as well so when having a pet llama became the must-have some owners were taken aback about how much work they can be to keep. And that’s where the Southeast Llama Rescue comes in.

This charitable organisation’s mission is to protect the quality of life and improve the well-being of mistreated unwanted and behaviourally unmanageable llamas (yes it really does happen!) through prevention education intervention placement and lifelong care. For each adoption pack registered a donation will be made to SELR to assist initiatives such as foster care and rehousing in long-term loving homes.

There’s no denying llamas can be pretty feisty but that’s also why we love them. If they don’t want to walk with a heavy load they’ll just lie down hissing and spitting in protest! And did you know the gestational period is super long at 350 days and when the baby llama is born it’s called a crias? And do make sure you watch out for llamas on the move as they can run at 35mph! All these fascinating llama facts and more are found in these cool adoption tins. 

You’ll also get a really cute llama poster and postcard which any llama fan will love on their bedroom wall. Once you’ve registered your adopt a llama pack online you’ll be send a personalised adoption certificate as proof of the good work that you will be funding. Quirky inquisitive and fiercely loyal you’ve got to love a llama even if they can be handful!

Find out more and book your place today!

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