Adopt a Monkey

Adopt a monkey and enjoy having your very own cheeky chimp for a year! This adorable adoption gift tin comes with a large wall map so you can see where each endangered species of gorilla ape and monkey lives before deciding which one of five rare types you’d like to adopt for a year.

There’s something really quite fascinating about primates. Maybe it’s because they are so obviously mankind’s closest living relative or maybe it’s because we’ll always remember wildlife programmes on the TV featuring David Attenborough crouching behind a orangutan mum protecting her young in the dense Indonesia rainforest. With our monkey adoption packs you can learn more about their lives traits and habitats as well as supporting valuable conservation work to help protect them.

The People’s Trust For Endangered Species (PTES) aims to fund projects worldwide to help protect these wonderful mammals from extinction. The World Wildlife Fund lists 25 different species of apes that are on the danger list including Bonobo Tamarin Mountain Gorillas and the Dwarf Chimpanzee all of which need your help to survive.

By buying into this adopt a monkey scheme you will be contributing to the survival of these majestic relatives of ours and staving off the threat to them from deforestation illegal animal trading and even bushmeat hunting.

Each adoption pack includes a welcome letter and information booklet explaining your gift and the good work it will do for chimps apes gorillas and monkeys around the world. Once you’ve selected the species you’d like to adopt you’ll be sent a personalised certificate and souvenir poster to thank you for your generosity. Your adoption lasts for one year from the date of registration and you’ll receive PTES newsletters keeping you informed as to the conservation work going on around the world that your gift is supporting.

Go ape for our Adopt A Monkey gift packs and give these majestic primates the chance for a better life and a future free from danger and threat. These gorilla-tastic gifts are the perfect present for animal lovers and anyone who cares about the welfare of some of our most vulnerable species. Please visit our Adopt an Animal page for a selection of other animals in danger who would benefit from your help.

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