Adopt a Panda

Everybody loves these adorable bundles of black and white fur so adopt a panda and help keep these rare animals from becoming extinct. By buying one of our adopt a giant panda gift boxes you will be making a contribution to a panda conservation centre in China that aims to provide a safe and natural habitat for these gorgeous bear-like creatures to thrive in.

The Bifengxia Panda Centre just outside Ya’an city in the Sichuan province of central China has been open since 2002 and has nearly 1000 acres of land purely dedicated to pandas. The primary aims of the project are habitat reconstruction veterinary care a captive breeding programme research into nutrition and behaviour and ultimately a project to re-introduce adopted pandas into the wild.

It is thought there are between 1000 and 3000 giant pandas living in the wild and 330 in captivity in the world. The main challenge to the panda’s successful survival is logging. The deforestation and non-stop development of towns and cities means that bamboo the panda’s main food source is being massively eroded. When you think bamboo only flowers once every 10 to 100 years and then dies afterwards these solitary animals are nomadic and need to roam far and wide to find sources of food and modern life is making this migration harder and harder. And that’s where you come in with your panda adoption…

A contribution from each adoption gift box is given to this project and may be used to fund anything from building panda ‘corridors’ for them to roam from area to area formula to feed baby pandas toys to keep them amused help towards healthcare costs of poorly pandas or even incubators. The centre has several younger as well as older pandas to look after who all need you. So wherever your donation goes you can feel warm glowing inside knowing that you’ve helped!

We know it’s not likely that you will get the chance to visit your adoptive four-pawed panda friend in China but the gift tin has everything you need to be able to feel close to your panda including a stunning poster information cards and certificate so you can read all about Bifengxia and the work done there.

If you’re anything like us the thought of ‘your’ panda with those just too cute black eye patches muzzle and little ears sitting up in that way that they do with a nice juicy branch of bamboo in their paws munching away is just too endearing to ignore  – so adopt a panda today for a gift that any animal lover will surely cherish.

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