Adopt a Penguin

Adopt a penguin through the Galapagos Conservation Trust and help out these waddling wonders! Officially classed as ‘being an endemic species under threat’ the cute as a button black and white Galapagos Penguin needs you.

This special penguin adoption gift pack means you will be helping the loveable penguin residents of the Galapagos Islands. To thank you for your adoption support you will receive a lovely pack filled with facts and figures about the specific geology and fascinating oceanography of the Galapagos with photos and maps included. 

Once you register your adoption pack online you’ll receive an official certificate to say you have taken a penguin under your wing. And that means you are helping to safeguard this vulnerable and rare species. Galapagos Penguins are in fact the only penguins that live north of the Equator (we’re not including ones in sea life centres and zoos!).

And the reasons why the Galapagos Penguins are at risk are multiple. They are indigenous only to the Galapagos as is the case for several species of birds and animals. That’s all thanks to the isolation and unique geology of this volcanic archipelago. That in turn means that numbers in the world are small.

Then there are the ‘manmade’ risks to the humble Galapagos Penguin. They’re one of the smallest penguins that exist so they often get caught up in fishing nets. And illegal fishing can even disturb their breeding and nesting habits too. Oh and not to mention the fact that being so tiny means they’re prey for many. From their ocean-mates the sharks and the sea lions to hawks and snakes everyone seems to think the Galpagos Penguin makes for a tasty snack!

With all that going on in their lives that’s why we’re pleased to offer this penguin adoption gift box for you. The very important work of the Galapagos Conservation Trust as the only UK charity focussing exclusively on the conservation and sustainability of the Galapagos Islands and it’s remarkable ecosystem will be supported by you buying this adoption gift for Penguin lovers.

So don’t leave them out in the cold adopt a penguin today! This is another great opportunity to help the endangered animals of our planet and all of IntotheBlue’s Animal Experiences gift boxes help support feed and protect animals we all love. These very special animal gift tins are sure to bring a smile to the recipient. 


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