Air Rifle Shooting Manchester

Safe fun and great value – that’s our air rifle shooting near Manchester for you! Your target shooting experience will take place at a dedicated outdoor activity centre located just outside Rushton Spencer easily accessible from Macclesfield Manchester and Staffordshire too.

It’s all about adrenaline-fuelled fun in the great outdoors here. There’s so much going on at this centre so as well as offering air rifle target shooting sessions you can ramp up the fun factor with combo experience which gives you rifle shooting plus your choice of add-on activity from archery or axe throwing.

You will have around one hour on the rifle range. After a safety briefing your instructor will accompany you to the shooting stands. The range has a number of lanes each one equipped with an air rifle. You’ll be assigned a lane and then once you have been shown how to handle your gun and reload ammunition you’ll be ready to roll.

You’ll soon discover that it’s all about stance and keeping calm when it comes to releasing the trigger of an air gun. If you’re cool calm and collected there’s a good chance you’ll hit the target. If you’re a nervous first-timer it’s normal that it’ll take a couple of shots for you to get into the rhythm of shooting but after that you’ll be away.

With a variety of targets to aim at you won’t get bored on this experience. If you’re with a group there’s always the chance it’ll get competitive as you see who will get the most shots spot-on target. It’s all done in good humour of course!

For those of you who’ve chosen the combo experience it’s totally up to you which other activity you pick to bolt on to your air rifle session. Axe throwing is pretty mad and archery is quite nice and chilled. 

Ideal for beginners and seasoned shooters like these air rifle shooting sessions near Manchester make for a superb day out especially when combined with another activity of your choosing. We reckon these experiences are spot-on!

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