Air Rifles Brighton

Get on down to this Brighton shooting range for target practice in a stunning setting! Let the shots ring out at this farm shoot at the foot of the South Downs. With a whole variety of targets for you to aim at this is a great place for a spot of air rifle shooting.

This air rifle range has that ‘middle of nowhere’ feel yet you are just half an hour from the hustle and bustle of Brighton’s seafront. Indeed the location makes it a great choice for an activity as part of a Brighton weekend for groups of friends and you can buy a voucher ‘off the shelf’ for up to 12 people to enjoy an air rifle experience together.

This centre uses modern pre-charged airguns that are easy to use. A gun will be chosen according to your height and build. You’ll also need ammo which is included in the price of these Brighton air rifle sessions. Then there’s one final piece of the jigsaw puzzle – tuition. With patience in bucketloads the instructors are very adept at giving clear easy to follow instructions so everyone shoots in safety.

After that it’s down to your precision and stability with the air rifle. First up: stance. Standing shots are the trickiest to master so you’ll use gun rests on tables with you sitting down to take the shot so that’s stance pretty much sorted. After that it’s all about trigger control. Slow slow slowly is the key here when it comes to squeezing the trigger. This helps avoid any flinching which is bound to cause you to move the barrel and send the pellet off on the wrong trajectory. All air rifles here at Brighton are equipped with sights so when you’re ready to fire keep you sights on the target release and maintain your stance until the pellet has hit home.

And of course it’s worth taking note where your pellet landed. If it was too high make a mental note to aim a bit lower next time. Or maybe it was way off target prompting you to take it slower control your breathing and relax those tense muscles a little with the next shot!

As for what you’ll be aiming your air rifle at here in Brighton there’s a good variety of targets set up on the tiered hillside of the firing range. Distances range from 15 to 40m and there’s a good mix of steel self re-setting gongs and the like with paper targets too.

For an extra slice of target fun at this Brighton shooting range you can combine an air rifle experience with an hour of archery. That means you can compare your accuracy with two type of shooting sports rolled into one experience.

Find out more and book your place today!

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