Air Rifles Cheshire

Get ready to peer down the sight of your gun when you try the air rifles in Cheshire! This shooting range is at Catton Hall easily Cheshire’s finest country sports centre with excellent facilities first-rate tuition and an excellent reputation that’s well-deserved. The perfect place to see if you can fire a direct hit on target.

As they say you’ll need a keen eye a steady hand quick reactions to prove yourself as a sharpshooter. However you’re not on your own here in Cheshire with the shooting team on-hand at all times to make sure your foray into air rifling is a resounding success.

After sign in at reception (which happens to be a very nice Scandi-style wooden lodge building befitting of the country estate feel here) your shoot crew will introduce you to the air rifles including how to handle them safely how to load the pellets into the cartridges how to line up your shot using the barrel-mounted sight and how to release the trigger.

You’ll then be led out to the stands. At this Cheshire centre it’s a covered range with bench seating so wind and rain won’t necessarily stop play. Also you’ll be using front rifle rests so you won’t get tired lifting and holding the air rifle in position meaning you can concentrate on that perfect shot rather than suffering from a trembling arm!

As you close one eye and look through the rifle’s sight you’ll see that the targets all spread out across the mown hillside in front of you are very varied. For instance some are static some move in the breeze and others are strung together on a rope. All are at different heights and are varying shapes and colours with each and every one designed to test you – well if was that easy it wouldn’t be any fun would it?

And as for the teaching here in Cheshire don’t just take our word for it. Previous rifle shooters have described their tutors as ‘absolute legends’ and ‘hilarious’ so it looks like a convivial day out is definitely in the air. We think a session with the air rifles in Cheshire is also a great choice for a small group activity which is why we sell vouchers for one to eight people.

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