Air Rifles East Yorkshire

Get rifling near Hull when you take on the air rifles in Yorkshire! This superb family-run venue hosts all sorts of outdoorsy things to do but one of the most popular has to be the chance to take aim at the targets with air rifles. Now it’s your turn!

Just in land from Hornsea this Yorkshire air rifle centre occupies acres of land surrounded by lakes and ponds. It’s far enough away from civilisation that the sound of shotguns ringing out disturbs no-one but close enough to the likes of Hull and Bridlington to be easy to get to for budding shooters.

What’s more facilities here in East Yorkshire are really very good. There’s a well-stocked gun shop selling air rifles and shot guns on site along with all sorts of accessories including everything from ammunition to waterproof gear and ear defenders. There’s even a resident gunsmith who has decades of experience who works to recondition service and make-new all sorts of guns. So if you do decide to take air rifling as a sport this place has all gear for sale!

Before all that though let’s get you started off in the world of shooting. One of the most important factors is to select the correct gun for you with length and weight making all the difference. If you can’t hold the gun at a 90 degree angle to your body without leaning or resting the air gun on anything then it’s too heavy. Simple as that. This team in Yorkshire has a full range of air rifles so there’ll be one suitable for you.

Gun in hand it’s then all about the ammunition. A poor workman may blame their tools but in this case the quality of the pellets does affect consistency and accuracy. No worries here though as the ammo you get given is all high quality. So now with the right gun and the right pellets it’s down to you…

So tuck the stock of the air rifle into your shoulder place your leading hand on the grip and your trailing hand on the trigger look down the scope and get ready to release your shot. This Yorkshire set up offers both traditional paper and ‘knock down’ air rifle targets so they’ll certainly keep you on your toes during your session handling air rifles at Yorkshire’s family-run Humberside Shooting Ground.

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