Alpaca Adoption Pack

Adopt an alpaca and get yourself a new very fluffy BFF! These alpaca adoption packages last a whole year and as well as the usual adoption package sent in the post you also get two visits the alpaca farm where they all live with one of those visits including an alpaca walk.

Alpacas are truly fascinating creatures. Once you’ve met one you’ll be totally enthralled by them and want to take them home with you. As most of us don’t have enough room for an alpaca adopting one is the next best thing and these packages make great gifts to give adults and kids alike. After all everyone loves these cheeky alpacas.

Funnily enough a chance meeting was just how farm owner Annie started her love affair with alpacas. Having seen alpacas at a country show she thought these lovable creatures would be a great addition at her farm especially for the grandchildren. She started with a trio of cheeky fellows and with two pregnant females joining Annie began alpaca breeding. With the ever-growing herd it was time to make use of the fabulously soft fleeces of the alpacas when they are shorn once per year culminating in a shop full of fabulously cosy alpaca wool clothing from socks and jumpers to bedding and hats.

And as an alpaca adopter you’ll be the proud owner of your very own alpaca gift as part of the adoption process. If it’s a child adopting the cuddly toy alpaca is the usual treat but it has to be said it’s also a favourite with adults too. And as well as things like alpaca logo stationery there are also super soft and cosy alpaca fleece socks that can be chosen as the accompanying gift.

When it comes to which alpaca to adopt it’s not easy to choose. There are baby juvenile and adult alpacas looking for your love. Peter is the chatty one Niko keeps himself spotless Golly Golly Gosh is the cheekiest and Brian is the shy one whilst Lara is always first to greet visitors arriving at the farm…

And indeed when you adopt and alpaca you’ll get to meet your alpaca. Your pack entitles you to two visits to their home in Kent on a working arable farm where the friendly and knowledgable staff will only be too pleased to show you around. You’ll be introduced to your very lovely cheeky alpaca that you’ve adopted as well as having the chance to go on alpaca walkies too!

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