Animal Keeper Experiences Shropshire

Roll your sleeves up prepared to get stuck in and be a keeper for a day! You will effectively become part of the animal park team for a half or full day helping them with the day to day running of this brilliant little wildlife centre near Telford.

These are very much a hands-on experiences and on the full day session in particular you’ll be undertaking many of the tasks a keeper would do daily. First off there are reptiles to meet (including a rather formidable 12ft Burmese Python!) and cute little Hedgehogs and Tenrecs to check in too.

One of our favourite bits of the keeper’s day is attending to Victor the Giant Tortoise. Making sure he’s happy is all part of being an animal keeper and it’s sure to be the first and probably the only time you’ll get to be so close to this very large tortoise!

Then it’s food time with the hungry kid goats needing nourishment so you’ll be shown how to bottle feed these youngsters (another highlight for many). Just before your break for lunch which is included in the full day zoo keeper experience you’ll meet on of the resident Servals.

The afternoon will be spent meeting lots of the other residents including Meerkats (so cute!) Foxes Raccoons Possums Binturongs and handling one of this Shropshire animal centre’s gorgeous Owls.

The half day session is run in a similar vein and gives you time to meet some of the all-out Hoo Farm favourite furry and scaly friends. You’ll spend time with some of the reptilian residents get to meet one of the Servals and handle an Owl too. After a short break the half-day zookeeper experience continues with Meerkat fun and Lemur feeding.

If you know someone who loves animals we think they will absolutely love our keeper for a day courses. This is a proper working wildlife farm so as an extra pair of hands you will be a welcome addition to the keeper team.

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