Ariel Atom High Speed Ride

Breathe deeply and prepare yourself for one seriously fast Ariel Atom ride! With a professional driver at the helm of an Ariel Atom on a race track this Ariel Atom ride is only ever going to be a very high speed affair. After all this is the car that if you can change gear quick enough will accelerate from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds…

In the words of a certain Jeremy Clarkson: “This is the most beautiful car in the world partly because it’s so elegant and partly because it’s a wonderful piece of engineering.” You have to admit the heady mix of good looks power and incredible design is highly attractive – no wonder everyone who experiences an Atom either as a passenger or a driver waxes lyrical about the little sports car from Somerset.

For this thrill ride you will be up front in the Ariel Atom but in the passenger seat. That leaves the only other seat for your expert driver. Having lots of experience behind the wheel of this thing means they know how to get the best out of this crazy car which in turn means that you get the most thrilling Ariel Atom ride out there.

And believe us being a passenger in an Ariel Atom that’s going full throttle on a hotlap is really something else. With the Atom’s unique exoskeletal chassis you can see all the components working whilst your being driven around the track. Look down and the see the suspension steering and even your driver working the pedals. And the best bit? Make sure you look towards the inside wheel on the corners you can see how your driver perfects that racing line with the wheel hitting the apex of the turn every time.

Some might say the Ariel Atom is the classic mid-life crisis car. Others might think it is just too mad to be driven. But a vehicle as unique individual and inspired as the Ariel Atom needs to be experienced. And we reckon the best way to do it is on an exhilarating Ariel Atom ride. Full face helmet and racing harness on and get ready to rumble in this car they call driving nirvana.

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