Ariel Atom Hot Laps

How do you make Ariel Atom hot laps even hotter? When they’re in a supercharged Atom that’s how! These passenger rides will get your eyes popping out of their sockets with the acceleration. It’ll be like no other passenger car ride you’ve ever been on so hold on tight out there!

A supercharged Atom has 300bhp. Now that might not sound that much in the horsepower-heavy world of supercars but when a car is so light that combination makes for a formidable power to weight ratio and lots of torque. So without all that superfluous weight that supercars carry just imagine the performance when a 2.4l supercharged engine has been squeezed into that distinctive Atom exo-skeletal frame…

Yep this bonkers motor is about to go a little crazy on the track – with you onboard! It’s a lot to handle and probably best left to the pros so perhaps just as well you’ll be encountering this super fast car as a passenger rather than actually driving the thing yourself. 

And professionals they certainly are. Expert drivers host these passenger rides in Wales Essex and Lincolnshire. All of them know this incredible car inside out. It takes a lot of skill to get the very best out of this supercharged beast. The acceleration from the standing start is more like being launched in a rocket than pulling off in car. The handling has to be experienced to be believed. And when we talk about feeling the wind in your hair it’ll be more of a tornado than a breeze at the sort of speeds you’ll be going.

These passenger rides aren’t just for the big kids. The minimum height is 4ft so even youngsters can have a taste of what this incredible road legal car can do in the even more enticing environment of the race track. You’ll be chauffeured around the circuit of your choice for three super-speedy laps.

If you can keep your eyes open during your Atom hot laps you’ll witness how your skilled driver hits those apexes spot on. Braking early for corners is so not on the radar. The straights are a spectacle of sheer power. And you? Well as the brave passenger you’re excused if you feel the need to scream/shout/squeal – it’s practically normal when being whisked around the track in this car.

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