Articulated Lorry Driving

Keep on trucking’ on this articulated lorry experience! If you’ve ever wanted to drive an arctic lorry this is the experience for you. What’s more this activity has a Gallic flavour as the arctic you’ll be driving is a Renault Magnum!

Scania and Daf might be the the ‘big name’ brands in the arctic world but when the Magnum first came out in 1990 it changed the rulebook on lorries and was immediately awarded ‘truck of the year’. The first thing that leaps out at you in its froggy style is the height. This tractor head is so high there are three steps to climb before you can get anywhere close to clambering in the cabin. Word has it that the sign of a good trucker is one who can get back into this cab with a coffee in one hand and not spill a drop!

So once you’ve scaled the heights plonk yourself down in the driver’s seat. It’s like sitting at mission control. The dashboard’s console wraps around you and you’ve go overhead CB radio and sound systems as well as overhead lockers for convenient storage. There’s even a fridge as standard. Nice. However you won’t be going continental on this arctic lorry experience it’s all about negotiating the specially coned out lorry track.

As you can imagine being so high up gives you a great panoramic view of the route ahead but when it comes to seeing what’s behind you that’s a whole different kettle of poisson. What’s more your truck driving experience will be towing a whopping 55ft long car trailer. Go on take a look in your huge side mirrors and you’ll see it. Now try and reverse around that corner! Driving an arctic lorry is nothing like your usual hatchback that’s for sure.

With an expert arctic driver at your side (well about a metre away as the cab is so wide!) you will take on this unique lorry-sized course. We have five different arctic driving venues for you to choose from so you can take you pick from Lincolnshire Essex Wales or Scotland. 

Each articulated lorry experience gives you 15 to 20 minutes at the wheel of the Magnum. As these sessions are run as small groups if there are other arctic fans on the activity with you you can sit on the bench-style crew seat behind the driver to witness the arctic driving as a passenger when you’re not in the hot seat yourself.

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