Aston Martin Bond Experience

When you think of a James Bond car you immediately think of Aston Martin. These Aston Martin Bond experiences bring a trio of the finest Bond cars ever produced to a race track near you for you to have your very own 007 driving moment.

The DB5 was the first Aston Martin to appear in a Bond film. As James drove his stunning silver birch DB5 in the 1964 release ‘Goldfinger’ it hailed the start of a beautiful relationship between Bond and Aston Martin that has spanned the cinematic decades. In fact the DB5 has appeared in many of the Bond films earning its moniker as ‘the most famous car in the world’. The DB5 in this fleet of Bond cars is a replica built on a modern Aston chassis so it gives you all the sass of an original DB5 with the handling of a modern car.

A handsome Vantage just like the one Timothy Dalton’s Bond drive in The Living Daylights is the second Bond car in the fleet. Described as ‘Britain’s first supercar’ the Vantage was groundbreaking in the 70s. In a straight line it was unbeatable. Its nearest speed rival at the time was the Ferrari Daytona but the Vantage had the edge so it was only natural that agent Bond would have one too. And the one you can drive is as Q put it: ‘winterised’ that’s to say it’s a saloon version with a roof!

Last but by no means the least of the James Bond cars featured is a pristine silver (of course!) V8 Vantage. We couldn’t get you an actual DB10 as these were only made for the Spectre film so you can’t get to drive one for love nor money unless you’re Daniel Craig in a sharp suit. Inside it’s just as luxurious as you’d imagine and the styling and build quality is rather impressive. Whilst there might not be any onboard armoury or even bullet-proof glass we reckon you’ll be able to get round the track safely without having any mysterious baddies chasing you that you need to fire at.

You’ll find the James Bond car experience will be visiting various tracks and circuits around the UK during the main track day season. All you have to do is decide how many and which of these Aston Martin 007 cars you want to drive as everyone’s favourite secret agent!

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