Aston Martin Circuit Drive

Nine venues eight cylinders of dream machine motor and you’ve got yourself one serious Aston Martin circuit drive! If you’re not sure which supercar experience to buy let’s face it choosing an Aston Martin V8 Vantage to drive has got to be a winner as we don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore the Astons.

They are truly superlative cars both on and off the circuit. We could tell you all about the various accolades and awards these motors have won over the years. We could go on and on about the innovative automotive engineering skills used in the design and build. We could even tell what it’s like to drive one but you know what the pleasure of these sessions is discovering how the Aston Martin handles the circuit for yourself – so we’ll leave it at that!

Suffice to say that the man who runs this supercar company is himself a self-confessed petrol head so he only gets cars he loves to drive in his fleet. With many many years’ experience in the arena of high-performance motoring we’re inclined to think he does indeed know his stuff with the the shining pristine V8 Vantage he’s chosen waiting to be driven by you.

The ‘Circuit Blast’ gives you three exhilarating self-driven miles in the Aston Martin Vantage whilst the extended ‘Thrill’ session throws in another three miles for you. You’ll be accompanied in the Aston by one of the pro-instructors. And we have to say they’re are a skilled lot of drivers. All are ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) qualified and registered. Many have successfully competed in various motor racing events both UK and worldwide so you’re sure to get some good driving tips from them.

As for which race circuit you choose for this experience it’s up to you. All have varying set ups but each one offers a thrilling drive for both the V8 Vantage. We’re talking hair pins fast sweeping curves and long straights. Isn’t it time you got behind the wheel of a car from THE best modern day British sports car marque?

The Aston Martin Circuit and Circuit Blast and Thrill experiences are available throughout the year. No need to choose which venue when buying your voucher the lucky person getting to drive these fab motors can do all that when booking in.

Find out more and book your place today!

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Aston Martin Circuit Drive
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